IDX Mate | Real Estate Website Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Accurate MLS Data

In this real-time world we live in, it's critical to provide what clients need when they want it. After interviewing several agents, the number one concern was being able to provide accurate listing data to their existing or potential clients. IDX Mate's web servers are continuously running and updating behind the scenes, ensuring that listing information is kept up-to-date on our websites, within minutes of being entered into the MLS.

Lead Capturing Listing Pages

Each listing on an IDX Mate website has a unique landing page containing the latest images, price, property information, features, and amenities. The listing's SEO-friendly URL makes sharing and advertising easier on your favorite social media sites or marketing campaigns. It also integrates with Google Maps to give visitors a clear and visual indication of the listing's location. Most importantly, each listing page contains a prominently placed "Request Showing" button that captures a visitor's contact information and delivers it directly to your email inbox as a lead.

Custom Landing Pages

IDX Mate allows us to create custom landing pages for your targeted niche areas. These can be as broad as counties, cities, zip codes, subdivisions, school districts, etc. We can also narrow down the scope of listings to price points, water features (e.g. "ocean front", "ocean view"), lifestyles, or your own personal/team listings. Tell us where you focus your business and we'll customize your real estate website to match your needs.

Quick Search

Today's society is rapidly moving and always on the go. The Quick Search feature of IDX Mate allows website visitors to rapidly search for listings by street address, city, zip code, or MLS#. Can't remember if the street address ended in road, drive, street, or court? Not a problem! IDX Mate can quickly find the listing by using as little as a partial address.

Advanced Search

Searching for a new home typically involves sorting through hundreds or even thousands of homes to find what you're looking for. The Advanced Search feature of IDX Mate allows website visitors to narrow their search down by a number of fields, preventing listings that do not match their needs from showing. After all, a home search is a process of elimination, right?

MLS Listings on your website

Many IDX solutions utilize iFramed (embedded content from another source) listings on your website. This means that the listings don't actually "live" on your website, but rather appear through a window of sorts looking into another third-party's website. Unfortunately, this is a terrible option, as the listings don't contain unique URLs (web addresses) belonging to your website. Without unique URLs, it makes it impossible to share or bookmark links, and search engines like Google don't know that the listings are even on your website. With IDX Mate, MLS listings are added directly to your website and utilize SEO-Friendly URLs that can easily be shared in places like social media outlets or emailed to your clients.